Friday, November 2, 2007


I was finally able to just sit outside and read after a crazy couple of weeks. I think I must have sat outside on the swinging deck chair for a good two hours at least. It was just the perfect autumn day to be outside (and "autumn" sounds so much better than "fall"). I was able to see a lot of people in the apartment complex as they went about their day, and it was fun just watching people from time to time--nothing creepy, mind you, but just wondering how so many different people can have so many different priorities, and to them, those priorities may be the most important thing in the world at the time.

Have you ever tried something like that? Just have a seat somewhere where people go by--at the mall, at the park, or even at a busy intersection. You don't have to do anything but watch and listen. Why are some people hurrying while others simply take their time? What kinds of problems do you think each person is facing? Where are they going, and where are they coming from? Your own life seems pretty darn good when you think about somebody else's.

So try it.

Watch. And Listen.


Cocoa said...

I like doing this too. But only when I don't have seven kids in tow. Then I can feel people watching me. That's embarrassing. Though I've often thought it'd be interesting to see what they're thinking.

Fernando said...

People watching is a fun sport that I like to do when I'm in a busy location. Di and I did this over the summer while we were in California and Seattle.

nestle said...

you guys are freaky. :-)