Friday, May 16, 2008

My new blog

Okay, I started up another blog. I'm calling it the Movie Portal. You can find information about family films, companies that make family movies, and various other resources that can help you determine whether a film is appropriate for your family or not. Feel free to send your friends over, because I want to know what else I should include there. Eventually there will be posts describing the websites I link to, and how I use them. Let me know what you all think--

Check it out here.


Cocoa said...

I think the new blog is a great idea! I certainly don't have a clue, way out here in the boondocks, about what films are better suited for families. We don't really hear a lot about the new films coming out until they are already on DVD.

Do you mind if I end up eventually sending my blog readers to your movie site? I think it would be wonderfully informative for them.

Jon said...

Sending people over would be great. Comments would be greatly appreciated as well.