Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stick shifts and safety belts

A funny thing happened this evening that is probably going to take way too long to explain for it to be worthwhile, but I'm going to try anyway. I tagged along while some of my friends went grocery shopping, and on the way they had to stop to get gas and get their car washed. I had never actually been through a carwash, so it was a new experience for me. I kept joking around saying I wanted to roll down the windows, which only made Elliot turn on the window lock.

We went to the store and they finished getting everything they needed, while I kept making random cooking suggestions--one girl (Breanna) was in the mood to bake something, so I just suggested making those sugar cookies with Hershey's kisses on top, but to use the cherry-filled Hershey's kisses instead of the normal ones (I'm actually curious to see what that would taste like...).

Well, after everyone finished shopping, Elliot used his car remote to roll down the window on the hatch. It was really fancy and everything, and they finished loading up the groceries and got back in the car. But there was one problem...the window was broken. Elliot kept pushing the button, but it didn't even make a sound. It just wouldn't roll back up. He even got out and they tried opening and closing the hatch trying to get the window to work--still no luck.

Elliot was joking around about it, but every couple of seconds he'd try jabbing the button again. When we were almost home, I randomly asked "Is the window lock still on?" There was an awkward pause, followed by the sound of the window rolling up behind me. Who knew the window lock worked for the rear window as well?

Like I said, that was way too much explanation for that story to be worth reading, but hey, I needed something to blog about after a month and a half hiatus.

And for the stupid joke of the day: Why does a seagull fly over the sea? Because if he flew over the bay, he'd be a bagel--


Jaimee said...

Oh man! That was such a hilarious story. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! I can't believe that was your first time going through a car wash. They are pretty fun. :)
I think that's really funny that Elliot forgot he put the window lock on. I can really picture you guys struggling to get the window up, but not being able to do it, only to discover that the window was locked. Ha ha. . . What a great story.

Breanna Stutz said...

Jon - I would like to know why I am referred to as "one girl," when clearly we are far better friends than that. I MEAN I MET YOUR FAMILY! Hahahaha. No cookies with cherry-filled hersheys for you.

Just kidding!

Jon said...

Okay, I added you as a parenthetical statement--

Eric Anderson said...

I laughed at it, so it wasn't so much of a waste.