Sunday, April 3, 2011

Festival of Colors

I finally got around to posting these pictures here, even though this all happened last week. I went down to the Festival of Colors with my brother and some friends. The festival is held every year to kind of usher in spring, and it involves throwing a ton of colored chalk around. We showed up, threw some chalk, walked around for a few minutes, and then went to get something to eat. I think we only stayed for twenty to thirty minutes or so. But hey, I'd never done it, even though TONS of people from BYU go each year. Anyway, so here are some pictures--

This is me just before getting into the car. The gray shirt over my should was the one I had been wearing the whole time, so this is my second layer of clothes.

Andrea, shortly after the chalk started getting thrown around

My bro

Our group--we did try to clean up before going to the restaurant, but we still looked pretty bad. I feel bad for the white tablecloth at our table...


My brother's hands, overlooking the festival

After the festival

Right when they started the color throwing--I had my camera inside a ziploc bag, with electrical tape sealing up every opening. Only the front of the lens was exposed, and I even put a SECOND ziploc bag over everything. I'm glad I did, because there were quite a few cameras that got destroyed from all the dust--

The colors really are that flourescent


Rica said...

Love the photos Jon! I've always been afraid to take my camera to Festival of Colors, even though I knew the pictures would be brilliant. You captured them well!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

That seems like a TON of fun! I wonder if my girls would go for starting a tradition like that on the first day of spring.