Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The End of the Pumpkin Wars

The pumpkin contest finally ended tonight. I don't know how on earth my brother managed it, but he managed to get like three other apartments to give us all of their pumpkins--so that boosted our total from eleven to twenty-two...We won the contest, so now we can all go back to being friends. No more breaking into each other's apartments and barricading our doors and windows.

We also lost our volleyball game, but it was a good match. I couldn't get a single serve in, but part of that is the fact that we forgot to bring a volleyball--so we weren't even able to warm up. I haven't really played since the spring, so I was a little off with everything. It'll be interesting to see how good we get once we learn how to work with each other.

I did get to see the girls' flag football game tonight. That was pretty much awesome, to put it simply. Our girls were down 6-0 until the last five minutes of the game. Then they scored a touchdown to tie the game, but they couldn't get the extra point...which left a minute on the clock. We thought it was all over when the other team sent threw a deep pass. Two of our girls jumped up, tipped the ball, and then fell on the ground--the receiver grabbed the ball and turned, but the ball slipped out of her hands. Our girls went on to win in overtime, but it was crazy with how many close calls there were.

And it has been pretty funny with all of my friends starting their own blogs--we all agree that the hardest part has been coming up with a good name for our blogs. It's funny how the name could be something totally random, but it still says something about the blogger. Scary, really.

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