Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Holy cow---How hard can it be to find a single DVD? My brother called me up and wanted me to find Wait Until Dark. Our apartment complex is doing a movie night tonight, and everyone is expecting to watch Wait Until why on earth doesn't a single Blockbuster carry it?! I even tried FYE, Best Buy, Wal-mart, and even Barnes & Noble and Borders out of desperation. FYE had thirty copies that sold out this week. And as if to taunt me, Barnes & Noble had one on their computer, but they couldn't find it on the shelves. It's even more agonizing when I realize that I was going to buy it last week at FYE, but changed my mind. Dumb...

For those who don't know, Wait Until Dark is an old suspense movie with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin (playing a creepy guy in sunglasses). Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman who unknowingly comes into possession of a doll filled with heroine. Alan Arkin is one of three con men who is trying to get it back--so the con men basically lock down the lady's house and try to gain her confidence...and then they try to threaten her...and then the knife comes out...and you'll just have to see it.

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